Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost there.....

...busy getting ready to take off for Germany :)
Looking forward to hitting my old stomping grounds and seeing family and friends.
Großenapse - Home base for us :)

Hamburg - Fantastic cafes and shopping - 45 min South of Großenaspe. Ingrid and I will be going to Nivea Haus!
Kiel - A great port city with lovely promenades. My go to place with Andrea and Kester. 45 min North of Großenaspe

Lübeck - I love this place!! The Rastkeller is my favourite place to eat and I always buy my Lübecker Marzipan here.Only 90 minutes North East of Großenaspe
Neumünster - 15 min drive from Großenaspe and my go to place with Louis and Katharina.

Bad Bramstedt - also only 15 minutes from Großenaspe (opposite direction from Neumünster) my go to place with Lars.

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