Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

DH and I spent a lovely weekend at Harrison Hot Springs Resort - a trip down memory lane - 10 years ago  we were married at the resort.  A few things have changed in the area since we were there so it was fun to explore and walk around and try to find the places we had our photos taken.  I brought our wedding photos with us....(of course I did! LOL)

When we arrived we had two lovely surprises in our room.  My parents had sent us a lovely bottle of wine and Ann and Rob had sent us a lovely flower arrangement.

We relaxed, wined, dined, danced and enjoyed the weekend!

Graham and Trish gave us a Welsh Love Spoon (they left it for us to open "on the day")
While at Harrison I picked up the most hilarious money jar :)  Rarely do I ever see anything with my name on it, let alone my name spelled the way I spell it.... so when I saw this, I had to have it!
Isabel-0-saurus - "A cool-headed leader with the fanciest fangs around!" LOL  It's so freakin' cute!

DH gave me two new Pandora charms - the sail boat with the sparkly hull and a lovely silver spacer bead that has gold and black onyx design on it  :) Squeeee!

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Jo said...

wishing the two of you an eternity of happiness! and lol, love the dino!