Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The goings on.....

Spent time with Graham and Trish before they headed over to Vancouver Island
a trip to the Circle Craft Summer Outdoor market with Ann and a stop at the Hotel Vancouver for a lovely glass of champagne
celebrating Soozeeque's birthday with Dick and Da Bitches
Visit to Qualicum Beach.  DH helped dad with the deck work and we enjoyed some great meals!
I took photos for mum of her Schwalm creation.... she's entering it for judging... it might go on tour in the USA "if" (when) it's accepted. :)
Off to the Maritime Festival this weekend with our nephew and away at Harrison Hot Springs the following weekend! Bizzy Izzy signing off!


Kathy said...

OMGosh Izzy! Your Mom's work is stunningly gorgeous! How exciting for both of you to see it go on tour which of course it will.

Kathy said...

Meant to also say love the pics at Sue's. looks like you're having a busy and fun summer!