Monday, September 30, 2013

Safe and Sound

Back from Germany safe and sound, a bit exhausted though, we had a few delays on the way home, so that made for a bit of a longer journey.  I'm not sleeping, okay... I am sleeping from 10pm but I'm awake at 1:30am! woo hoo 3.5 hours!! Jet lag sucks! I will definitely need a nap later!

Norbert wasn't able to fix my computer while I was away, so I am without a computer until we can get the part we need to get it up and running again.  Sorry folks, the photos from the trip will have to wait.  I can't download from my cameras yet.  Thank goodness I have my Playbook and Phone, so I can at least communicate with people.

This week will be all about catching up and starting school.

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Jo said...

Welcome home! I hope you can get your computer up and running soon!