Friday, October 04, 2013

Teddy Bär Haus

For Jo - We had a wonderful visit to a Teddy Bear Museum!
The teddy bear is from the beginning of the 20th Century a faithful friend of man as a toy, "comforter" or collector's item, he captured the hearts of children and adults.
The City Museum of Schleswig has an extensive private collection of vintage teddy bears. An entire nation of bears found its home in one of the half-timbered buildings in the Günderothschen court. The carefully restored building from the 18th Century the Teddy Bears are shown in lovingly created scenes from well-known manufacturers such as Schuco Teddy Bears, Steiff and Hermann. Many of the rare bears would achieve impressive collector's prices today.
A museum education room for activities around the teddy bear, a shop with souvenirs and a café are also found in this building.

It's Teddy und Lola - a version of snakes and ladders but it's played with Teddy bears


Jo said...

i honestly sat through the pictures with my jaw dropped to the floor ... omg, how gorgeous, and all of the little playthings with the bears, fabulous!!!! oh thanks so much for sharing these photos!!!!!

Sue C said...

Oh how precious!