Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The New "Face" of Nivea!

I don't have to tell you about my obsession/passion for everything Nivea.... do I?

God bless my patient DH because when I saw the Nivea Haus in Berlin, well.... I just HAD to go in!  Luckily they had a sitting area for husbands... so he sat down and patiently waited for me to "tour" the Haus and make my purchases.  He even had the forethought to pull the camera out of the back pack and snap a photo of me in the Haus. 

So Nivea Haus Berlin.... spectacular! can I pitch a tent and stay? No? oh come on! please! Pretty please!

Hmph, guess I'll have to find some other way to make my mark at the Nivea Haus.  So..... what did I do? I immortalized myself at Nivea Haus, I did, really!  Check it out :)
Hello Nivea Haus.... I love you!
Do I have time for a facial and massage?
There's too much to choose from! OMG what am I going to do? I'll take one of everything please.

Window display, they have such cool displays

Immortalized!!.... my photo on a Nivea Creme tin! yes, I have my own tin of Nivea with my photo on it! LOL


Jo said...

OMG!!! that is fabulous!!!

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