Friday, December 27, 2013

December Daily (Catching up)

Saturday December 14, 2013

Peanut Brittle Making!
 Sunday December 15, 2013
Christmas Party with my Bitches!
 Monday December 16, 2013
Building more boxes for packing!
Tuesday December 17, 2013
Chris is back from UVIC
 Wednesday December 18, 2013
Holiday drink with Tim and Chris

Wednesday night Beer and Wing crew! Happy Holidays!
Thursday December 19, 2013
Last class until January
 Friday December 20, 2013
Merry Christmas Diane!    

Saturday December 21, 2013
Fully loaded! LOL on the road to Kelowna  

Sunday December 22, 2013
Fondue Dinner

Monday December 23, 2013
Hot Tubbing!

 Tuesday December 24, 2013

Wednesday December 25, 2013
18 people for Christmas this year - Bodo cooked Turkey and I cooked Goose.  We had the Feurerzangenbowle (our energy drink while we cooked!) and Rosalie made a "Tipsy Pudding" for dessert - we were cooking and prepping most of the day!

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Jo said...

wow!!! what a big dinner that must have been! wonderful photos Izzy!