Monday, December 09, 2013

This is it... the 1,000th blog post!

I've hit the 1,000 mark with this post.  Unbelievable!

Here is my first week of December (aka December Daily).

December 1st - A "selfie" of Ann and I in New York kicking off December 1st... we started the day with Champagne and OJ :)
 December 2nd - The tree lighting in Dante Park at Lincoln Centre

December 3rd - We saw Santa at Macy's Santa land!

December 4th - Last day of walking around NYC!

December 5th - My Christmas Cactus went into bloom while I was away

December 6th -The new decoration I bought in Berlin is proudly on display

December 7th - December "kick off" celebration with Diane (we had a hoot!)

December 8th - Morning festive coffee mugs - Diane gave me the green mug and she has the blue one.


Shell said...

congrats!! you have done much better than me - my blog has sadly languished for a long time!

Jo said...

Yeah, so much fun to be had!!! looks like your december is off to a fab start!