Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2014): One

The theme for March 2014 over at A 'lil Hoohaa this month is ONE to celebrate the one year anniversary.
 Here are my 5 photos of how I interpreted this month's theme, sorry some of the photos were taken on my phone and the quality isn't great.

I recently moved to level B1+ in my German language learning class, we began Chapter 1 on March 13th.
At the Vancouver Whitecaps game - our goaltender is David Ousted... #1

I was just in California and drove down Hwy 1 towards Santa Cruz

My ONE bag going to California.... came home with three!

The best place to stop for nibbles and beer - Hwy 1 Brewing Company
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back at the beginning of May - I'll be participating in the April Challenge too!


Babs-beetle said...

You found a lot of 'Ones' on your travels!

Katherine said...

I especially love these because you really looked for the theme and captured "one" in so many ways. I want to go to the beer place! :)

Mike Davis said...

I agree, I like your interpretation. Thanks for sharing.

lisa said...

All great captures of the theme this month! How did you leave with ONE bag and come home with three?! Lots of retail therapy, i hope!? :-)

Paul Myers said...

I'm partial to your Santa Cruz photo. I think I've passed that sign many times while visiting my son at college there.

Kathy said...

Great photos Izzy! Doesn't surprise me you went to Cali with one suitcase and came home with 3! lol Great job on this month's theme :)

nonamedufus said...

This month's challenge wasn't so easy but you managed to find some great "ones". Congratulations on your German.