Wednesday, July 30, 2014

“A” for Adventure (in Germany)

Some of you may recall that back in early June I posted some "Pre-Journaling" in preparation for my trip to Germany. Here's the link - Pack me up

Now that I'm back and I think...(hopefully) over some serious jet lag, I'm going to do my "post-journaling".  I managed to journal everyday in my 'paper' journal (I also did some doodles and zentangles too!), it's completely full now!

Thanks Diane for the lovely journal with handmade paper.... it was a joy to write in.

Since I wrote so much... I think that I'll break my 'post-journaling' up into sections.  Otherwise this will be the longest post ever!  So here is something for today.... Enjoy!

The actual flight over was very good, I had my favorite seat and settled in. I was entertained and slightly appalled at the eating & drinking habits of the English woman sat across the aisle from me.  (I journaled three pages about the whole thing!)  In a nut shell (no pun intended here) I have never seen anyone scarf down dry roasted nuts so quickly and then use a Gin & Tonic like mouth wash to clear out ones mouth! Her manners didn't improve at any point, from snacks, appetizer, main, dessert.... it was an entirely disgusting and sometimes comedic event to see.  At one point I thought she might choke, at the rate the food was being shoveled in and swallowed whole (sans chewing), I really wasn't surprised when she stopped to come up for air.... no one could possible continue to eat at that rate and in that manner, without suffering some discomfort.  Anyway... flight to London was good, uneventful and I had no troubles with my connection to Hamburg.  

Ingrid was waiting for me at arrivals and we dashed out of the airport and headed directly home to Großenaspe.  It was about 6pm, so I had a quiet evening with my own 'personal bartender', so to speak.... Louis was thrilled to see me.... can you guess what the first words out of his 5 year old mouth were?
'Was hast du mir aus Kanada bringen?' - What did you bring me from Canada"? LOL   I asked him to bring me a beer while I went and unpacked my suitcase ;) I had a bit of fun with Louis... Beer #1 = Gift #1 and Beer #2 = Gift #2 - he was so excited! LOL  

I slid into the usual routine of life in the 'village' - rolled up my sleeves and pitched in -  like I'd never left! It's nice to go somewhere and feel right at home.  Several people at the bakery the following morning welcomed me back. The neighbors and Lars' work crew welcomed me back with smiles, hugs, hand shakes and genuine joy at seeing me. 

Many mini adventures took place, some planned and some quite spontaneous. 

One morning while sitting at breakfast and chatting about a friend of Ingrid's whom I'd met last year, we decided on a whim to call Heidrun and ask if she was free to go out to lunch.  Heidrun  has a lovely home in Laboe and instead of us taking her out to lunch she invited us to come up for the day and join her at the beach and stay for dinner. Fabulous!

A little about Laboe - It is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, it's about a 45 minute drive from Großenaspe.  It's very popular in the summer time as a 'day beach' destination and some holiday makers rent places a week at a time.  The Naval Memorial is located here as well as the submarine U-995.

The city coat of arms depicts a swan and is based on its name,  Laboe which means "swan".

The tall structure is the Laboe Naval Memorial and below is the U-995 submarine.

"Strandkorb" - these are Beach Baskets, literally! fabulous to sit at and if you need to get a bit of shade put your feet up you can!  The ones with numbers on them are 'owned' by people. You can rent others for the day or the week. Heidrun has one of her own, which we enjoyed!
Hostess with the most-est! "Heidrun

Lots of cruise ships going to Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc. pass by the beach.  There were three passing by while I was there.
"Selfie" Me at the beach :)

That's it for today folks.... I'll get some more of my adventures posted in a few days.

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