Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"A" for Adventure - Germany - Part 3

Sights - Smells - Sounds
I made a conscious effort to take in the "Three S's" on this trip.  A lot of the time, one gets all caught up in the sights and  goings on around, happily snapping photos and we forget about the smells and sounds around.  So this post is about the Three S's - These are just a few - enjoy!!

First up - Kordes Rosengarten - Sight -my goodness! look at all those colorful roses, still in full bloom in July!  Stunning.  Smell - As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were hit with the most amazing "perfume" in the air!  You knew you were at a rose garden, the smells were absolutely incredible.  I took the time to stop and smell the roses! Sound - what's a garden without bees!  Buzz Buzz Buzz - you could hear them busily working away.  Another sound that caught my attention - in the background there were two gentlemen playing and singing music.  One a Bass player and the other a guitarist.  It was great! they wandered around the gardens and stopped at various points to serenade everyone.  The music was fun and funky!  I took a short video of them when we stopped for coffee.

Boken Muhle - Sight, beautiful lake setting, lush greens, swans and ducks. Smell, the food from the nearby hotel on the lake smelled amazing! Made us hungry! Sound, the swans were calling out to each other, the ducks were quacking away, people were chatting and laughing, the lake water plashing up again the hulls of the row boats.

Lange Anna - Sight, the amazing views from the red cliff tops, the thousands of birds perched upon the cliff sides. Smell, before getting to the Lange Anna, the ocean salty sea air was lovely, once we got closer to the Lange Anna - it stunk! That bird shit stinks! Sound, the birds... non stop screeching and calling out... almost deafening.

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Jo said...

such beauty!!! you are soo lucky to have family over there, it looks wonderful!