Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trilho Da Levada - Faial

During our stay on the island of Faial we rented a quaint and lovely cottage - our hosts Roland and Iris are fabulous!  Roland, invited us to join him and the 3 dogs for a walk along the Trilho Da Levada.  What a lovely area! quite literally, we were walking in the clouds, through tunnels, in forest, in cow fields and along narrow bridges.  The change of landscape along the entire walk was amazing!
The tunnels are pitch black - Roland had a head lamp to guide us through... we literally walked through a mountain.  You can hear the relaxing sound of water all along the walk, see amazing flora and listen to the birds.  It was quite lovely, we only did a part of the trail, mind you that was 2 hours long... you can do much more.  We stopped when we reached the landslide area - after the 1998 earthquake part of the landscape gave way down the slopes - surprisingly, it is part of the trail.


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Jo said...

amazing ... walking through that mountain looks so fab! what an experience!