Thursday, January 22, 2015

Never Seen Anything Like It!

The "Dance House" crew, consisting of Ann, Diane, Marnie, and Martha were at an amazing dance performance last night featuring Louise Lecavalier of Canada.  OMG! is all I can say.... non stop movement on the stage for 75 minutes, it was breathe taking, intense, artistic and really.... you had to be there to believe it!  Words cannot explain the emotion generated from this performance.  This woman left her soul on the stage!  Follow the So Blue link below there's a small clip of what we experienced.

So Blue

"Lecavalier was dancing her guts out to a packed audience who responded with a unanimous standing ovation … a true deity of dance throws herself into her own choreography with such rebellion and playfulness."


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Jo said...

sounds fabulous! lucky you to have been able to experience such a performance!