Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Germany September 2015

Hey everyone,
Sorry, it's been a wild and crazy summer so not much posting has happened.  Good intentions and all but time just got away from me.

Recently returned from a 3 week visit with the family in Germany.  Here are just a few highlights in these collages.  Enjoy!  I'll be working on more and will post them soon :)

Lovely day with Andrea at the local garden show.

Wandered the forest with Lars and Louis mushroom picking.  Yummy mushrooms for dinner that night!

Plön, Germany, established 1236... amazing village

Another adventure with Andrea, took the boat tour around the Plöner See (Plön Lake)

Small but amazing church in Plön, the ceiling tile work above the organ was stunning!

Andrea and I spent a day playing tourist in Hamburg...oh and a wee bit of shopping too!


Sue C said...

What an amazing trip you had! Great photos!

Jo said...

looks like you had a fabulous trip! I was going to ask you if you had time to stop by to Nivea ... I see that you did!!! i hope you can post more ... loving this vicarious trip to Germany!