Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spoilt Rotten

I'm celebrating my birthday today! I'm so very fortunate to have such a loving husband & family and fantastic friends!

The gift from my parents arrived in the post on Tuesday... a 2 yr subscription to Canadian Scrapbooker magazine! woo hoo! I'm relishing each page of the magazine and will read & re-read it from cover to cover.

Last night my girlfriends Ann & Jadranka wined and dined me at one of our local restaurants. We enjoyed a great meal on the patio over looking the water with a view of the city. It was a gorgeous night out! We returned to my place for post dinner drinks and some great laughs.
JT & Ann... thanks for your beautiful gifts and the gift of wonderful friendship... I had a wonderful evening.

When we arrived home my darling husband had placed a gift on the dining room table for me, yes I did get to open it early! I'm worse than a kid when it comes to opening presents! I'm now the proud owner of a digital camera!

I've been reluctant to buy a digital camera for myself. I enjoy the challenges of my SLR and taking the time to set up those perfect shots... after all I did take the time to take photography lessons to learn how to do it! But now with this "oh so cute" little digital I can just put it in my purse and take those spontaneous fun shots while I'm on the go without hauling the large camera and all the gear I have to go with it. It's great to have options!

We're off work today and are planning to join our visiting family from Kelowna and enjoy a day of adventures and another evening meal out.

I think I'll have to go to workout next week ;)




Welcome to the world of digital photography




Say Cheese!!

jadranka said...

Hi Isabel it was great to share your b-day with you - glad you had a great time... !!!