Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Week Begins....

I've got another full week but fortunately it includes some fun activities too! Tomorrow evening I'm meeting some scrapbook friends for dinner. Wednesday I'm attending a classical concert at the Orpheum, Thursday dinner with a girlfriend and Saturday I get to scrapbook all day long! Not bad!

I started another scrapbook project yesterday afternoon... a Christmas gift in the works! I should be able to finish it by the weekend. Woo hoo! Only 5 more projects after that!

If you're looking to rent a DVD soon... check out Kinky Boots! We rented it on Saturday night and OMgoodness! it's hilarious! Based on a true story about a shoe factory in Northampton England, it made me laugh! I won't give away the story... rent it and see for yourself! If you liked "The Full Monty" you will like "Kinky Boots".

Have a great week!

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