Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Day of Learning

Yesterday was filled with learning experiences. I went to another music lecture about J.S. Bach and was stunned to learn some of the intricate details that went into his compositions. For instance did you know that he incorporated his name BACH and transposed it into musical notes which he used in the B Minor Mass.
B = the note B: A = the note A: C = the note C and the H is really a B natural and thus the four notes spelled his name.

Another tidbit of musical information for you regarding his name. Bach was into numerology! And he composed several movements in the B Minor Mass based on the numerology of his name. B=2 A =1 C=3 H=8 The total equals 14... Bach used 14 notes in the movement and then he went ahead and created another musical passage using his full name J. S. Bach which totalled 41! He certainly was into numbers/math/religion and a whole other host of interesting things that he somehow brilliantly used in composing his music.

I'm off to the library this weekend to see if I can locate some of the recommended reading:

The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach - David Shulenberg
J.S. Bach - Albert Schweitzer

There were all kinds of other really interesting pieces of musical information regarding Bach and how he composed some of his great works! I can't wait for November's lecture!

In the evening I had fun with a group of ladies creating an altered journal :) Everyone loved the project and we had such an amazing time.

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