Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shear Madness

I had a fabulous evening with my friend Ann. We went to see the play 'Shear Madness'. If this comes to your town/city you must go! It's the funniest play I've been to in a long time! and the best part is you the audience get to participate!

A little about Shear Madness....Remember the game 'Clue' well this play is an audience participation version of the game!

It’s the funniest show you’ll see this year. Set in a local hairstyling salon, Shear Madness “sets in” when world-famous and reclusive concert pianist Isabel Czerny is murdered in her posh apartment upstairs and everyone has a motive to have done her in. The audience gets involved in solving the crime by directly questioning the suspects, proposing theories, uncovering evidence, and pursuing leads.

Well worth it and a definate must see! I laughed so hard my tummy muscles ache!

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