Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Was there any doubt? No Way!

Congratulations to my mom!! I was so happy for her yesterday... she passed the first section of her Embroidery/Needle Arts Master course! I could tell from her voicemail when I got home that she was elated and relieved and when I called last night the 'joy' was flowing through the phone lines.

Mom is participating in a very intensive course, the whole process is extremely intense and very detail oriented and this first section has taken her months to complete. When we were last over to visit, her project was 98% complete and looked amazing! She has worked so hard and followed each requirement down to the last detail. There was no doubt in our minds that she would pass, her embroidered ribbon project is stunning. We are thrilled for her!

Mom's next project for the course will begin in a few weeks, she's looking forward to the challenge and subject matter "Stumpwork" which is her favorite style of embroidery.

Way to go mom! I've got the champagne ready to celebrate this weekend :)

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