Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let the Challenge Begin!

I have some amazing long distance friends and one of them... my friend Wendy from Virginia, decided to challenge herself by wanting to make an album in a month.

The concept... pick a month, take a photo each day, then scrapbook a page using that photo! Sounds pretty easy doesn't it! Well it's a challenge and one that she set upon me! Asking me if I was "up for it"! Yeah right! like I won't accept a challenge! LOL

Wendy decided that December was the month for the challenge! She's got herself ready to go with a pretty 6x12 ketchup colored album and everything! I've searched high and low locally for one of these pretty albums with no success :( 6x12 albums arenon existent here in Vancouver.
Darn it anyway! and the shipping from the US is just too pricey for a single item.

Am I scared! No way!!! I'm going to give the challenge a 'twist' of my own.

I'm going to digiscrap my pages then have the pages printed in the New Year into a nice book! Pretty sneaky isn't it! Not really! Just practical, given that this challenge starts in three days!

So Wendy honey.... I'm ready! even with packing & moving in progress I've got the camera ready, spare batteries at hand and my computer is fired up, ready to create my album!

Now our other friends, Jan & Shell (from Georgia & California) I'm not sure if they're going to participate in this yet.... LOL! Shell has asked we tag her in February.... watch out girlfriend... the challenge will come your way in the New Year! and Jan! come on girl I know you can do it! You've got that "I can juggle it all" attitude! No need to scrapbook a page each day... just take the photo and scrap it in your 'spare time'! LOL

I guess my only wish during this challenge would be that we all lived closer to one another so we could work on this together.... drinks & chocolate all close at hand!

Ready, Set, Go!!!

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Jan said...

Ok, I'm in on the challenge!!! I also wish we were closer together. As soon as you mentioned chocolate... you know I'd be there!!