Wednesday, November 29, 2006

26 Days until Christmas Day!

My how the time does fly... only 26 days until Christmas Day! How are you doing with you holiday shopping, baking & preparations?

Here's my checklist so far... I know I'll add to the list as the days progress.

  • Shopping - almost all done... just DH to sort out (why are husbands the hardest to buy for?)
  • Mail out cards on December 1st (our overseas cards went in the mail on Monday! just need to mail out North America!)
  • Wrap gifts - I like to do this all at once while sipping on a glass of wine and the carols playing on the stereo (this will have to wait until after the move! everything is packed!LOL) BTW - our parcel sent out to Germany in October arrived safely!!
  • Decorating - I've decided to do this while I'm unpacking and setting up at our new place so I should be done by December 12th :)
  • Baking - on December 13th I'll be making peanut brittle with my friend Ann (this is an annual tradition we make 10lbs each year!) then beginning December 15th I'll get the baking started. Fortunately this year mom & I are sharing the baking duties and have split the list. I can't wait for her Cranberry Pecan Bars!!
  • Food shopping - well there are few things I'll be getting the week leading up to Christmas but the majority of the shopping will be done on December 24th. Mom will be here and we will be heading down to Granville Island Market to pick up the fresh items. (I hate the supermarket shopping and you can't beat fresh from the market!) Mom & I had a blast last year, we were at the market at 7:30am and it was already buzzing with activity. It will be the same routine this year! Up early and at the market by 7:30am with list in hand!
Other than our social engagements on the calendar the holiday season feels like it's under control! How about you?


Breeze said...

OK some people are just to organized. LOL

I was thinking about my christmas cards today.. LOL

If you find yourself finished up you could always come for a visit and help me!!!

Izzy said...

Sure! I'll just hire a private jet and come for the weekend :) LOL

Jan said...

WOW! You are on top of things!!! I hope to get my Christmas cards out sometime around the end of the first week of Dec. That's my goal at least!