Thursday, November 16, 2006

We're Movin' !

We're moving! Yup! you heard it right.... and it's coming up fast.
We'll be in our new place December 8th! Moving is somewhat of a big deal but I'm feeling pretty good about this and it gives me a chance to purge a little more. I'm pretty ruthless and DH will be watching me with eagle eyes to make sure I don't donate anything precious to him! Like old video games!!! LOL (I lost that battle once already!)

We're not moving far (just next door!) so the move won't be as much of a hassle. We've hired a moving company and they won't need to load up a truck and unload it... they literally just have to move our furniture/boxes across the courtyard!
How easy is that!?

DH & I have already started packing up items that we're not using on a daily basis and the moving company is coming today to deliver boxes :) It's great! They bring used boxes, you load them up, they move them, you unload them and they come back and pick up the boxes! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I love it!

Just a few minor jobs left to do in the new place and then I'll start taking over minor things like plants and irreplaceable family china. We'll also start cleaning out/purging our storage locker! Oh joy! :0 I'm not looking forward to that... it's a scary thing!

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Breeze said...

WOW How exciting, you are just one exciting Girl.

You are busy all the time.

good luck with the mooooove LOL