Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And the list goes on...!

We're getting down to the crunch! Ackkkk! Moving day is only 3 days away and the list of things yet to do is dwindling but it seems each time I knock one off the list another one appears!

I went to Home Depot yesterday and picked up new closest door handles, light bulbs (engery wise ones!) ceiling light cover and some other bits & pieces. The chandelier in the dining room is definately coming out! It's gawdy and I hate it! I'd rather have nothing there than look at that thing and to boot, it's so low that even I wack my head on it... never mind poor DH who's over 6' tall!

So today's list includes....
  • painters (almost done! hopefully they will be finished today!)
  • install office shelving at new place
  • empty and defrost chest freezer (not much left in there thank goodness!)
  • take pictures off walls - wrap for move

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