Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

As I was doing some more sorting/packing, I came across Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Several years ago (probably 10 years now!) a friend and I each made a pair of these mop dolls.

I can remember the mess we made! LOL we had red dye everywhere (my bathtub looked like a blood bath!) and the mops took several days to dry before we could start our creations! The dryer wasn't an option since a)the dye would get into the dryer (not good for future use!) & b)the mops would shrink up into nothing!

It took us a few evenings to finish these off and we were so proud of ourselves at the end of it all.

I cherish these mop dolls and every year I try to find a place to put them with the rest of our holiday decorations.

So here they are, and my photo of the day challenge, waiting to be moved on Friday to their new home!

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Breeze said...

These are adorable. My mom and I made some of these when they were popular. Thanks for the memory.

Great page.


ps. Got your card yesterday. Thanks for remembering me.