Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finally Finished!

My 'new' scrapbook area is finished! DH helped me with putting up a shelf yesterday and moved a couple of heavy items for me. I tinkered, sorted and played a little yesterday when it was all done!

I'm going to like this new area... lots of natural light and I can see the city and all the goings on around me. :)


scrap3mom said...

Beautiful layout, wonderful room, and spectacular view!! WOW!

Shell said...

fantastic setup Izzy.. you will have fun creating!!.. after Christmas when things settle down a tad

Breeze said...

Good for you getting everything in it's place. It looks great!

And the view, to die for!!

Happy Holidays!


Donna said...

Love it! Little Mrs. Organized! Way to go ~ the view looks awesome!