Saturday, December 16, 2006

Half way there!!

Well page #15 of the photo/layout challenge is now complete! We're halfway through the month! and I must say even with all the usual hectic things that happen in a day... I still manage to take a photo and digi scrap my page!

It's a new kind of therapy! LOL :) (I can hear you groaning Shell!)

I decided to turn my photo into my background paper today and keep the layout really simple.

I used an overlay frame to soften the edges and just used a holiday stamp for the journal title!

This is my holiday advent calendar from Germany and advent candle wreath that I made. Here's some trivia for you too!

Advent Wreaths

Advent wreaths have their origins in the folk traditions of northern Europe, where in the deep of winter people lit candles on wheel-shaped bundles of evergreen. Both the evergreen and the circular shape symbolized ongoing life. The candlelight gave comfort at this darkest time of the year, as people looked forward to the longer days of spring.

Later, Eastern European Christians adopted this practice. By the sixteenth century, they were making Advent wreaths much as we know them today. An advent wreath traditionally contains four candles. They symbolize hope, peace, love and joy.

Advent Calendars

An advent calendar is a card or poster with twenty-four small doors, one to be opened each day from December 1 until Christmas Eve. Each door conceals a picture. This popular tradition arose in Germany in the late 1800s and soon spread throughout Europe and North America. Originally, the images in Advent calendars were derived from the Hebrew Bible.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Shell said...

No ..not groaning... started taking drugs *LMAO*.. well got the right dose of my normal drug and feeling much! better now and more like my organised self!