Thursday, January 18, 2007

31 Days to go!

One month and counting! I'm really looking forward to my trip to Germany next month and it's coming up fast!

I've got a few work projects to complete before then, so it's 'heads down' time until I switch into vacation mode. The hardest past is the waiting!!! but the next four weeks are pretty full so I'm hoping the time will pass quickly.

I met a friend at the spa last night and enjoyed a fabulous massage and facial! :) Oh man I didn't want to leave the spa... it was so relaxing! I've booked another appointment a few days before my trip, this time for a pedicure and facial.

Another day of snow here as well! It snowed over night again... this time it's not the nice fluffy snow, it's wet and heavy. It's mixed with rain this morning so it's going to make for a very slushy day :o


Anonymous said...

Oh Izzy! You must be getting all of the snow we should be getting here in Alberta! But you can keep it hun and we'll keep the warm :D

Wendy said...

Germany WOW What a great trip that will be.

I need a day at the spa. Actually I need to just find time to color my hair LOL

Happy Friday!!!

s said...

Haben Sie eine wunderbare Zeit - und Hülle auf warm!