Saturday, January 20, 2007

Long & Stressful Friday

What a day!! This must have been the longest and most stressful Friday I've ever had. So here's the abbreviated breakdown.

8:30am - DH has a dental appointment at 9:00am so I scoot him out the door so he won't be late. "Kiss Kiss, have a great day see you at dinner"

12:00pm - DH sends me a text from work.

text reads... "not feeling well, left the office, I'm at home resting"

12:30 pm - DH sends me a text message (I'm at work BTW)

text reads.."In distress. Going to VGH emergency. xoxox"

12:31pm - I'm packing up my gear and heading out the door! What the heck does "In Distress" mean? I try to call DH on his cell... it goes straight for voicemail so I know the phone is shut off.
I have a very stressful one hour drive back into the city (it's raining cats & dogs/construction delays etc.)

1:35pm - I arrive at Vancouver General Hospital Emergency department and ask the nurse at the desk if my DH is here. "oh yes, Acute bed A9... I'll open the security door for you"

So in I go and this nurse shows me to where my DH is. There he is, oxygen flowing, hooked up to all sorts of machines, blood pressure cuff on one arm, some electrode thingy on the other hand. He's wearing a lovely shade of hospital gown blue too and he says "Hi Honey!" As if nothing is wrong!

"Don't you "hi Honey"me! What the heck is going on!?" I finally get the whole story.

After he'd finished at the dentist he felt a tightening in his chest. He ignored it and off to work he went. He was only at work for a short time and the tightening wasn't going away. So he figures, I'm not feeling well, I'll go home and rest. Well resting didn't help and he's feeling worse so he decides to walk to VGH emergency. Luckily we only live 3 blocks from the hospital. Well as soon as he told them he has 'chest pain' they rushed him in.

He was poked, prodded, scanned, xrayed ECG'd and hooked up to all sorts of machines. The xrays and ECG came back normal but they monitored his heart for the entire day. They ended up doing two sets of blood tests.

So at the end of it all, nothing wrong with his heart (he's a healthy guy) but the two blood tests showed that his white blood cell count is way out of wack and he has some kind of weird infection.

They did let him come home last night (finally! at 8:00pm) and he's slept pretty well. Now he has to rest and fight this infection. He's going back to his own doctor for more blood work on Monday. So it's a quiet weekend for us!

I joked with DH that I was going to go home and get my camera so I could take a photo of him at the hospital! He just moaned.... oh to be the DH of a scrapbooker!


Wendy said...

First of all I am so glad to hear DH is ok. WOW! I know that scared you to death. I would have been having a cow. He need to get to feeling better for your trip now less than 30 days away.

Also I am loving your new blog, Shell fuses at me cuz I change mine so much, I get tired of the same thing. So I may be changing mine shell so Look Out

Izzy said...

Thanks for your note Wendy. My trip is solo this year. DH isn't going th is time. More shopping time for me! LOL :)

Jan said...

Goodness! I'll learn to fall behind on reading blogs. I'm glad everything is ok with your hubby, and he is feeling better.

Love your new blog look!!