Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Flurry of Activity!

All of us are patiently waiting for the new TLC product release called 'Runway'. It will be released tomorrow! Those of us who ordered the sampler pack are all hoping that our kits arrive this week. I have a feeling mine won't arrive until next week, we tend to get ours a little later than our US friends for the simple fact that we have the border to contend with! I'll be watching for my tracking # and following that package until it hits the front door :) LOL

On another note, I received some great photos of my niece this week! She's growing so fast and is doing really well. I'm hoping to babysit her again this week... (note to self, call SIL and check with her about Friday afternoon). She's laughing out loud (my brother was so thrilled at this) and she's now taking the bottle (SIL is so thrilled at this!) Everything is going well for the happy little Wood-Smith family.

I'm in charge today of ensuring that my cousin gets to the airport safely and on time. He's arriving on the 10:05 ferry from the island this morning and I'll take him out to the airport. He has to check in a couple of hours before his departure so we'll have time for lunch together today. I can't believe that two weeks has passed by so quickly! It only seems like yesterday that I was airport picking him up. Here's a photo from this past weekend. Left to Right: Dad, Izzy, cousin Graham. He's had a good visit and the weather hasn't been too dismal these past two weeks.

It's SuperBowl this weekend! DH & I are off to our annual party at friends on Sunday afternoon. I've still got to figure out and make a dish for the pot luck! Go Indianapolis Go!

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Wendy said...

WoW What a busy week. I am soo excited about the runway stuff, It's gorgeous I Love Everything. Have fun with your niece