Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wacked Out & Beat Up

I cannot believe how wacked out our weather has been. We normally have very mild and wet winters here on the west coast but so far this year has been an unusual and record breaking winter.

Snow? in Vancouver... rarely heard of! but we had our first snowfall back in November and it was a doozey! and since then we've had a few more snow falls, the latest was yesterday. The weather man predicted only a couple of centimetres early in the day and then it was supposed to clear.... did it? No! It snowed and it snowed and it snowed! The flakes were the size of nickels at 5pm! DH left the office early to get home before he was trapped in the rush hour or there were troubles with the sky train.

Wind... now this force of nature has created mass destruction in our beloved city. Seriously... it's so bad that our beloved Stanley Park has been shut down. We've had several hurricane force wind storms (along with rain) which battered the city in the past four weeks. Trees (some hundreds of years old) have snapped & fallen... some pulled out from the root ball. The park has been pretty much flattened with over 4,000 trees lost and areas of the 9km sea wall around the park have literally been washed away into the ocean. The embankments are giving way and things are just a mess.

The various storms also tore a panel from our stadium dome, which normally is inflated. It's now deflated and flat. Looks weird from our window not to see the big white puffy dome. The stadium folks are frantically working on repairs (weather permitting) in time for the big trade shows that start in February.

Today.... well mother nature has decided after yesterdays storm to be kind to us. It's stunningly gorgeous outside. Blue sky, snow on the ground and a crisp -5 degrees Celcius. Let's see how long it will last.


Jan said...

Stay safe and warm!

Wendy said...

Our weather is really crazy this year too. Very warm in the winter is not what we are use too.

My son says it's globale warming. I think he may be right

Enjoy the nice day

Shell said...

tell me about the weather!! UGH. We have had no rain - to the point we have had to turn the sprinklers back on, so much for saving on the water bill, and we are having frosts everynight. It was a chilly -3C this morning and right now it is only 2. My poor old garden is a mess!