Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts 29 - Bears 17

How sweet it is! What a great game! Yeah Colts!! I couldn't believe all the rain though! The game looked spotty at times on the big screen TV because all the camera lenses were getting rained on in Florida! LOL

We had a great afternoon with our friends and I still have my voice this morning... even with all that cheering and yelling going on.

Two weeks today and I'll be in Germany! Oh man the time is passing by quickly, it's about time I started to sort out the clothes and get some little gifts to pack and take with me. I was chatting with 'Tante' Ingrid on Sunday morning and she has some great plans for my visit, I'm really excited about them. (Jan - "A" for Adventure will really be exercised on this trip! LOL)

Busy work week ahead of me so... I should get to it! Have a great week everyone!


Jan said...

Oh... have fun on your trip!! I miss traveling with you! I'll never forget our overnight adventure in London. That was the most "fly by the seat of my pants" I've ever been!! That was awesome!! Wish I was going with you!

Shell said...

I bet you are counting the sleeps now!!! :-D You are going to have such a blast!