Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quick Update

Busy Busy Busy!! that's all I can say. I've been busy with some work for the Vancouver Music Festival Workshop and I finally finished the last of it this morning! :)
I've only got a few more days of work left. (yahoo!)
  • Dentist this afternoon for a cleaning
  • Dinner with DH & friends on Friday evening
  • Errands and shopping on Saturday
  • Dinner with Charles & DH on Sunday evening
  • Work on Monday
  • Work on Tuesday
  • Work on Wednesday (LAST DAY!)
  • Thursday is pamper day! I'm off to the spa to have a pedicure and have my hair done & a possible visit with my SIL & niece later in the day.
  • Friday we hop on the ferry and go to the island to visit with mom & dad for the weekend (dad is celebrating the big 65!! he'll officially be a senior citizen on the 17th of Feb.)
  • Monday the 19th - I'm outta here!

When do I do laundry, ironing & pack? Guess that's what I'll be doing during the evenings next week! LOL

SIL sent me the gorgeous photo of Kate - cute isn't she?

1 comment:

Jan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I just want pick her up and smell that sweet baby smell... she's soo adorable!!! Enjoy your trip... and happy birthday to your dad!