Friday, March 09, 2007

A few more sights from Nurnberg

A few photos taken during my wanders around Nurnberg.

#1 is the Heilig-Geist-Spital - Located in the centre of town on the banks of the river Pegnitz. This photo is the wing of a the building that spans the river.... this building was built around 1488.

What's the building? well I was certainly surprised to learn that it was the Hospital of the Holy Spirit founded in 1332.

Today the building is a seniors home and there's also a lovely restaurant located in the inner courtyard.

#2 is a photos of a Gothic granary built in 1498-1502. The building originally housed the town's customs office and municipal scales. Following post war reconstruction the building now houses shops and offices.

#3 One of many modern sculptures/fountains around the city.

#4 Frauenkirche - This church is located in the centre of the Hauptmarkt (marketplace). Another Gothic church, this one was built from 1352-1358. Each day at noon the clock displays a procession as well as having the bells toll.

#5 Located in the Hauptmarkt just across from the church is a beautiful reproduction of the original Gothic fountain "Schoner Brunnen". The original was erected around 1385 but was replaced in the early 20th century with this reproduction. Features & details of the original fountain are kept in the German National Museum for preservation.

#6 One of the many magnificent pieces in the St. Lorenz Kirche (more to come on this place)

#7 Oh my I was in heaven! Lebkuchen!! I was in the town and the bakery where my annual Christmas Lebkuchen comes from! It was heaven! and yes, I did bring some home with me! This is me in front of the bakery, established in 1610.

#8 It looked cute, a little out of place and not quite like the others. What was it? A restaurant nestled at the base of Burg Nurnberg. We didn't go in but I thought I'd like a photo of it!

#9 I thought this was a really wonderful looking building so I took a photo of it.

#10 One of the town gates and clock towers leading into the centre of town.

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