Sunday, March 11, 2007

Starting to feel "Normal"...

...whatever normal is! I think I'm starting to feel like I'm back on this side of the planet. The jet lag really messed me up this time and I've had a hard time getting back into this time zone. Moving the clocks ahead one hour today should help a little too.

I made a few "Thank You" cards yesterday morning to send to Germany and caught up on some reading :) I had 3 scrapbook magazines waiting for me when I got home. Yesterday was the perfect day for just relaxing and doing whatever.... the weather is miserable out and all I felt like doing was curling up next to fire. And that's exactly what I did! Today's weather isn't much better. I've found some interesting new digital scrapbooking websites so I'm going to spend some time surfing around.

I still need to sort out all my photos and make extra prints to send to Germany.

Since it's Sunday today I thought I'd leave you with a photo of the altar at the Wallfahrtsbasilika in Grossweinstein.


Shell said...

come on Miss Feeling Almost Normal - more pics please *lol* including some from the bakeries... and all the fantastic food you ate etc etc.. waiting to drool here

hmm wonder if I can get a sniff-a-screen for my laptop ;-)

Jan said...

These are all beautiful photos!!! What wonderful scrapbook pages they will make!!! Hope you get back to feeling normal soon. : )