Sunday, April 08, 2007

Enjoying the long weekend

DH & I have been enjoying the weekend. The weather hasn't been terrible, that's nice for a change! On Friday we enjoyed a walk at the sea wall, the portion that's still open that is. Since the big storms in December half of the sea wall has been closed, mostly due to the fact that it simply isn't there, the storms washed away large chunks of our precious sea wall into the ocean, the embankments above the area are sliding down and the 9 million dollars in damage is still in 'clean up mode'. It's going to take at least a year if not more before the rest of the seal wall and areas of the park are open again.

Regardless, we went for our walk and then stopped for ice cream afterwards. This is one of the trees that mother nature snapped in the storm. There are thousands just like this!

On Saturday we enjoyed a visit with mom, dad and our dear friend Margaret before we all headed out to the airport to pick up Graham and Trish. My brother and baby Kate met us at the airport as well :) What fun we had entertaining Kate at the airport! The flight arrived early but of course we had to wait in the pub until G&T cleared customs and collected their luggage. Graham and Trish arrived safely, looking somewhat tired, but they soldiered on and stopped for a drink.

We're heading out for Easter Sunday dinner today at Margaret's! to enjoy another visit with everyone before they head back to Vancouver Island tomorrow. And...I'm already packed and ready to roll for my trip to Edmonton tomorrow. The weather forecast for Edmonton is dismal, perhaps I'll spend my 'off time' searching for some new scrapbook stores! :)


Shell said...

Have fun in Edmonton. With all this travelling you have been doing - when are you coming to my neck of the woods!!?? :-D

Jan said...

Hope you enjoyed your Easter! Wow, I can't believe that tree. How horrible.