Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 Things....

Joining my friend Wendy

This one goes something like this. Come up with three answers in each category. Easy!
Things I fear: Snakes - Heights - Street Gangs

People who make me laugh: Rick Mercer - All my friends & family - Mike Bullard

Things I love: Family & Friends - Organizing - Travel - Scrapbooking (okay so that's more than three... but I could have made the list much bigger!)

Things I hate: Procrastination- Disorganization - Rain

Things I don't understand: War - Hatred - Death

Things on my desk
: A laptop computer - Printer - Scanner (and a whole host of other things!)

Things I'm doing right now: (besides blogging!) Creating raffle tickets - Contacting LSS & business associates for prize donations - Organizing/planning crop

Things I want to do before I die: Visit Africa - Ride in a hot air balloon - Live in Europe for a few years.

Shows I watched as a kid: Welcome Back Kotter - Brady Bunch - Happy Days (when dad didn't have on Hockey Night in Canada!)

Things I think you should listen to: Classical music - your intuition - the ocean

Things you should NEVER listen to: Someone telling you that you can’t do something - RAP music (LOL! I don't care for it) - Gossip

Things I'd like to learn: More languages - Fly a plane - How to Write a Biography

Favorite foods: Italian - Indian - Greek

Things I can't do: Sleep in! - Sit still for long periods - Slow down!

Things I can do: Work Hard - Play Hard - Multitask


Wendy said...

Thanks for playing.

Maybe we can ride in a hot air balloon over Canda together!!

Wendy said...


Jan said...

Uh oh... don't look at the first thing on the questionnaire I answered on my blog. LOL!! It's your first "thing I hate". LOL!