Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fun Few Days...

It all started on Friday afternoon...

1:00pm - visit with my SIL, brother, niece and SIL's mom who is visiting from Australia!
We had a lovely time. Kate is growing so quickly and her personality is shining through :)

5:00 pm - I went to Confederation Park to pick up DH who was attending his company BBQ. Everyone was having a great time and there were large amounts of food on the grill!

7:00pm we left the work BBQ and headed out to our friends for another BBQ! We had a wonderful evening with our friends, Ann & Rob... good thing I packed an overnight bag! It was 2:00am before the girls beat the boys at Trivial Pursuit (90's edition) again!!

Saturday was a busy day, I still had to finish making up the last of the make n' take kits for Sunday's crop and then make the pasta salad for the pot luck lunch. As well as packing up and loading up all my scrapbook gear. The usual chores that never seem to go away were still looming, oh well they will have to wait! We had a nice relaxing evening just watching a DVD.

Sunday 8:00am - The heavens opened up and we had an unbelievable storm! I was in the car driving to the crop as the streets turned into rivers, then it hailed, and then continued to downpour, I felt like I was driving through Niagara falls!! It was unbelievable!! Not to mention the amazing thunder storm than hit later in the afternoon. Despite the ridiculous weather 20 out of 21 ladies showed up to the crop and we had an amazing day! The event was a lot of fun, great friends, loads of laughs and amazing food!

I got home from the crop around 7pm and pretty much ate dinner and crashed out! Everything else could wait until Monday morning :)

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Wendy said...

Busy Busy, looks like a great crowd to crop all day with.

Can't wait to crop with you in July