Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our first long weekend home

We've been home a week and it seems so far away already! Aaack! Our first week back to work wasn't too bad and we were fortunate enough that this past weekend was our BC Day long weekend... so Monday was a holiday! It's a short week for us :)

We decided not to plan anything and just have a quiet relaxing weekend at home. Saturday was definitely quiet, after I'd gone grocery shopping and started laundry we relaxed with our books, DH played on the computer and I did some scrapbooking too! DH made a fabulous Chow Mein for dinner. Mmmm Good! and in the evening we watched the Celebration of Light Fireworks finale.

The fireworks are an annual competition here in Vancouver, where three teams each have an evening to display their fireworks to music! Then there is the big finale night where all three teams show off their skill. It's all about composition, color and being in sync with the music. This year it was Spain, China and Canada. Canada won!

Sunday was slightly more adventurous. I was up very early, so I scrapbooked for a couple of hours. After our morning coffee, we walked down to Granville Island for Sunday Brunch at the Cat's Meow (it's a great restaurant for brunch). The weather was gorgeous, so after brunch we decided to continue on our walk. We wandered along the waterfront paths to Vanier Park, into Kits Beach and along Point Grey. We had a quiet evening and watched a DVD.

Monday... well, I'm not sure where yesterday went. I popped over to a friends house to water their plants while they are away on vacation and then I did a little scrapbooking. In the afternoon I decided to read my book, the next thing I know... it's 4:30!! I had dropped off to sleep in the lounge chair while I was reading. I must have been tired and still trying to catch up on this jet lag thing.

So here we are at Tuesday, another work week about to begin and it's going to be busy with work and social things too. I haven't had a chance yet to visit with any of my girlfriends since my return... it all starts tonight!

I'm taking my friend Helen to the airport (she's off to Ireland to visit her parents for 3 weeks) and we're planning on having dinner at the airport. Talk about catching up on the fly!

Wednesday I have a meeting with my Scrapaholics group and we'll be catching up on all the goings on and upcoming events. They've been loving the LifeTimez layouts I'm posting.

Thursday, I'm meeting my friend Jadranka for a "walk n' talk" after work.

That leaves our friends Ann & Rob... it's their wedding anniversary tomorrow. Happy Anniversary guys! I'm not sure what they are up to on Friday or over the weekend but we'll have to try and "book some time" with them soon :) They've been away on Valdes this past weekend so we haven't had a chance to connect with them yet.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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