Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pangbourne, England

We went to Pangbourne with our friend Ian one afternoon. This poor village was in the midst of the River Thames flooding. Luckily for them there wasn't as much damage in this area as there was further south. They at least had fresh running water, unlike other areas where the army had to truck in fresh water for people to use.


Rach said...

So totally enjoying these photos. And don't you love that you can have albums done within weeks of the event vs. months or in some cases years! Love LifeTimez!

Shell said...

ooh I am jealous - I just adored all those little towns in England - made me want to pack up and move!

Jan said...

All of your pages are awesome! I wish sooooo badly I had been there with you!!!! We need to plan another England trip! whhaaa!!!