Thursday, May 22, 2008


While visiting with a friend a couple of weeks ago I discovered something. She was amazed that I sketch and doodle ideas for scrapbooking. I thought everyone sketched! apparently not!

I promptly went to my work area and grabbed my "sketch journal" to share with her. We spent some time discussing and sharing ideas, she's now hooked on sketches. My journal isn't pretty or neat... I don't sit with a ruler and measure out or create straight lines.... it's just a quick way for me to get my ideas down on paper... I draw free hand and make notes. There's nothing difficult about it at all... and besides it's "MY" messy drawing. I've never been neat or artistic in the drawing department! but I get my ideas down... and that's the important thing for me.

I've always liked the Becky Higgins sketches and while in WA state last week I picked up the BHG page planner issue. It's fantastic! with loads of sketches and wonderful ideas.... check it out if you get a chance. I think it's one issue that's a must have in your collection. I also have a collection on links bookmarked with some great sketch ideas... I guess you could say I'm a "Sketch-a-holic"!

Do you sketch? Share your journals or favorite sketch on your blog... I'd love to see them!


Wendy said...

I have never thought of sketches, maybe I should give it a try! thanks for the great ideas

Sue said...

Sketching is definitely something I never thought of - what a great idea!

Jan said...

What a great idea!!

You've been tagged!! : )