Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Double tagged by Jan!

My friend Jan tagged me! (First tag -- second tag shown at the bottom) The rules are you have to take 10 pictures of the following things, and you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning, or wiping your child's nose. Then you tag five others.

Here we go!!!

1) Closet.... I have waaaaay too many clothes for my small closet.

2) Laundry Room.... our laundry room is hidden behind two sliding floor to ceiling mirrored doors in the hallway of our apartment so you get the two part view

3) Fridge.... note the healthy Organic milk next to the lovely bottle of white wine chilling for tonight :)

4) Sink... it's not too bad first thing this morning

5) Favorite Room... well I have more than one, but first thing in the morning the living room with the sunshine streaming in is my favorite!

6) What the kids are doing.... we don't have kids... Kashi Kitty is our baby! and she's under the dining room table admiring the view.

7) Toilet.... not too bad either

8) Favorite Shoes... I can't live without my Birkenstocks!

9) Dream Vacation... I just loved Cuba! there are so many more but I could only choose one.

10) Self Portrait

Second Tag -

6 quirks about me:

The rules are to link the person who sent it to you (above), mention these rules in your blog, then (the fun part) tell us about 6 random, unspectacular quirks that you possess. Then tag 6 others to do the same.

1. I hate wearing socks! I feel really constrained in them... thank goodness it's summer!

2. I'm an organizational freak!

3. I love to read historical novels.

4. I'm afraid of heights but won't let it stop me from doing things!

5. I LOVE potato chips!

6. I get queezy at the sight of blood.... that's why I'm not a nurse or doctor!

I'm tagging: Diane, Kathy, Shelley M., Wendy, Krystal H. and Sonja


ScrappeeDiane said...

Love the tag challenge. I'm game.

Jan said...

Thanks for participating!!!!

Kathy said...

Just when I was wondering what do I put on this Blog thingy of mine! LOL

Shelley Moore said...

I'm totally going to participate, but it'll be next week, when I have internet at home, LOL!