Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's going to be a scorcher....

The weather has been wonderful this past week and here in Vancouver the temperatures are quite pleasant from 25 to 28 Celsius (83 degrees F) and we're lucky to have an ocean breeze to keep things fresh.

We're heading up to Kelowna tomorrow for the weekend and it's going to be a scorcher up there, they are expecting 38 - 41 Celsius (104 degrees F) and with no ocean breeze it's going to be stinkin' hot!

Our niece Erica is in a triathlon on Saturday, thankfully it starts at 8am. It will still be hot for her but not as bad as it will be later in the day.

I'm so happy my BIL has a swimming pool :) that's where I'll be after the triathlon! All I need now is one of those floatie devices with a beer cup holder in it and I'm set!
I'll have some photos to post when I get back on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!


ScrappeeDiane said...

That pool looks so inviting. Have a great time in the Okanagan. :o)

Kathy said...

Yikes! That's HOT! Have a great time Izzy!

Jo said...

Have fun Izzy, its bound to be a scorcher, but hey, a pool and a cold beer can save any day :)