Tuesday, November 18, 2008

James Blunt Dazzles!

Penny and I had an awesome evening last night. It was Christmas come 5 weeks early for her, I bought tix for the James Blunt concert and took her out to dinner before the show! One Christmas gift down... :)

All I can say is .. WOW! Not only is he a talented musician, he's a great stage performer too, full of a rich energy & sensuous soul. Each song he played was fantastic.... even the 'overplayed' You're Beautiful hit from a few years ago seemed fresh last night! At one point during the concert he left the main stage, went through the floor crowd to another mini stage set up with a piano at the other end of the stadium to perform a great selection of songs. Then it was back through the crowd to the main stage.... risky business if you ask me with all those crazed women wanting to take him home for dessert! LOL His last song of the night... 1973... was complete with disco ball, green lights and confetti! It was great! I was still singing & dancing my little heart out when I got home!


Jan said...

Sounds awesome!!!!

Hope you're doing well!!! I've been a bad blogger too.

miss ya!

RAE said...

I'm soooo jealous...I'd luv to see him in concert! I luv James Blunt. I sing along to his tunes when I'm driving and really belt them out LOL