Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 13... Santa & Snow!

Yesterday was a really lovely clear but cold day! I love days like that :) I spent a great deal of the day getting things ready for the Scrapaholics Crop-A-Mas party which is today (I'm setting up tables in 1 hour). The holiday music was playing as I wrapped little pressies & some big pressies too ;) Then I went out to get the additional items for the luncheon, yup can't have lunch without plates, cutlery & napkins. There was also milk, cream and hazelnut flavored coffeemate for the coffee/tea hounds in the morning.

Norbert and I went out in the evening to a really nice dinner at AZIA. It's a new place for us and it was really good, we'll definitely be back! Afterwards, Norbert took me to Stanley Park to see the Bright Nights light display put on by the Vancouver Firefighters. Definitely a very different demographic than Van Dusen Gardens but still fun to see. On the down side.... the train was broken! So no rides through the park on the train but we did stroll around on foot.

I'm giddy this morning when I went to bed last night ... it was snowing! and this morning... we're covered in the white fluffy stuff! Yippee! Hopefully this won't deter any of the Scrapaholics from coming out today. It's a winter wonderland and more snow is forecast over the next week.... I might get my wish after all! I'm still dreaming of a White Christmas!My photo is of Santa at Bright Nights.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like you are really in the Holiday Spirit! Enjoy your crop and love the layout