Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Indoor Picnic

I had a lovely visit with my friend Diane yesterday. She arrived with a cooler bag full of goodies for an indoor picnic lunch and a lovely little gift & card. Lunch was great! and it didn't hurt that we started out with Smirnoff Ice at 11:15am either! LOL Beer accompanied our food later on.
Thanks for everything Diane! On another note I was sad to hear that Simple Scrapbooks magazine will be ceasing publication after the May/June issue. I don't have a subscription to this magazine, unlike many of my friends, but it is one publication that I like to pick up off the news stand. I don't buy Creating Keepsakes (for reasons I won't rant about right now) and only very rarely do I pick up Making Memories (it has to have something of great interest to me before I pick it up). I do have my subscription to Canadian Scrapbooker and lastly another favorite of mine Scrapbook & Cards Today. If you haven't looked at CS or S&CT, you should take a peek. These are two of my favorites and they're good quality publications.


Jo said...

Totally a Diane thing to do! gotta love that crazy girl. Glad you had fun time indoors!!!

DART said...

What fun! I want to picnic with you gals! *grin*

Kathy said...

What a sweety! Sounds like you guys had a lovely visit!

I had no idea Simple Scrapbooks was no longer! I love that magazine!

Wendy said...

SS was my favorite. Oh well!

Looks like you all had a great picnic