Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday & Tuesday POTD

It's been fairly quiet around here the past couple of days, I've been giving myself a wee bit of a rest. I'm off out tonight for dinner with my friend Ann... let's see how much trouble "the gimp" can get into tonight! LOL

My Monday photo is of the album I finished at the crop on Sunday... it's the story of my "ankle incident"
Yesterday I was glued to the television from 8am - 11am watching the historic inauguration of Obama. Quite the event! I took a few photos of the TV viewing... when I was online later in the day reading I came across another photo that I really liked too.


Jadranka said...

yes what an amazing day yesterday - so glad to see some real change happening during our lifetime.

have a great dinner with anne, i know you'll have a hoot. :)

Jo said...

hey there sweetie ... glad to see the book is finished ... or is it??? (lol)

Sue said...

Izzy, did you know that that is the same bible Abe Lincoln used at his inauguration too? I don't think it has been used since.
Amazing day.

Wendy said...

What a great idea about the book, i never thought of that.

Love these pictures, especially the one of the hands

Kathy said...

An amazing day in history! Love the photo with the hands too.