Thursday, January 01, 2009

Review & WOTY

My goals (not resolutions!) for 2008 were not too unrealistic to achieve... that's just plain ol' silly! Here's a recap of 2008:

#1 - Continue to stay in touch with family and friends. - this wasn't a difficult goal to maintain. It was a very 'social' year for me and I've made a lot of new friends in 2008.

#2 - Complete 80 scrapbook pages in 2008 (paper and/or digital) - I had to change the target number part way through the year.... I did 80 pages by June so I continued merrily through the year with projects.

#3 - I've challenged myself to try to use up the gigantic paper stash I have in my scraproom before the end of the year. - well I didn't quite get ALL the paper stash used in the year but I did donate a lot of paper to my friend Diane for her Kid Classes and I also gave paper to my friend Penny. It's tough to use just what you've got when the scrapbook companies keep coming out with such fabulous new lines to play with!

#4 - Exercise more and lose 15 pounds. - I managed to do this too! although I think with sitting on my duff for the next few weeks with a broken ankle, I'll be back on the Eat Smart, exercise routine as soon as I can walk again!

#5 - Have more date nights with DH - Yippee! we spent a lot more evenings together in 2008 than we did in 2007.

So what are my goals for 2009.... I really don't have a list of goals but I do know I am going to make a conscious effort to be more AWARE in 2009.

Life gets too busy and I'm so focused on my own tasks that I'm not aware sometimes of what's going on around me. That's the organized, efficient side of me... set task, do task. Period! No wavering, I guess that's why I get things done, but at what cost?

I hit a point in the fall when it felt like I was in some sort of worm hole, traveling at great speeds from point A to point B and I wasn't aware of what was happening in the space between the two points.

... I was totally unaware of other things around me and really had that 'tunnel vision' thing happening. So I started to make some small changes... and I hope to continue them into 2009 and become more aware.

Last years' WOTY (word of the year) was ACHIEVE... well I certainly did that! 2008 was a great year.

The WOTY for 2009 is AWARENESS.


RAE said...

Happy New Year! Hope your ankle didn't keep you from enjoying New Year's Eve.

Shell said...

Happy New Year Izzy Lizzy!! *hugs*

Get better soon - and good luck with being aware!!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great goal for 2009 Izzy. I remember reading your post about the beautiful colours of the fall leaves you almost missed if you didn't slow down just a wee bit so you didn't miss their short presentation. Here's to a great 2009! Happy New Year girlfriend!

Jadranka said...

great stuff izzy ! glad to hear you did so well in '08 and that's a lovely WOTY for '09.
happy new year ! :)

Sue said...

Inspiring Izzy...I am your total opposite...stopping too often to look around LOL. I think my WOTY shold be
Hope you had a nice New Years...look forward to seeing you this week sometime.

Sue C said...

Izzy, last year you spent so much time helping and taking care of all of us.

Your broken ankle has forced you to slow down, and has given all of us the opportunity to look after YOU.


Jo said...

well you certainly did achieve last year ... love your new WOTY ... I'm sure with all of this down time you will have lots of time to focus on awareness