Friday, January 02, 2009

Jumping on the Wagon...

Several of my friends have started Project 365. Take a photo a day for the whole year!

Rach was the first to post her intentions, then Sue and now Kathy! so I will give this a try also.
Like Rach I'm not sure that I'll post my photos each day, perhaps one weekly post with all my photos, sort of a "52 weeks" thing instead of 365 days.

Feel free to join in and let us know!


Sue said...

I'll join in on this - I have discovered that I have a real passion for photography!

Kathy said...

Yeah! So glad you're joining us Sue! You take amazing photos and I'm sure you'll find with this project you'll enjoy challenging yourself even more. Photography is a wonderful art isn't it?!

Sue said...

Izzy, I adore your new blog header. The photo is beautiful!

DART said...

I've joined too! Sure hope you get out of that cast the meantime, enjoy your outings!

*waving from Victoria*