Friday, March 06, 2009

Flat Jo & Freddy Flamingo's Scrappin' Sunday!

We had a full day at sea on the 21st so our Sunday started bright & early at 9am with a Photography session in the auditorium with Allison Orthner. Watch out for those blue speedos!! LOL we did learn a lot and went out on deck to shoot a few shots... we tried to shoot bad shots (old men wearing speedos in the background of your photo is NOT good) and then we took shots using the hints and tips that Allison gave us in the session. This is a 'bad' photo I took on purpose of Allison, note the lady in the swim suit and sun visor walking into my photo.... bad, just bad!At 11am we headed to our class with Trisha. We spent the next 90 minutes working on an acrylic album (cruise themed of course!) and it was a blast. We managed to complete the "base" of album in the 90 minute time slot, so now I need to take my photos and finish the "guts".
At 2pm we started our class with Deanna. A really lovely two page 12x12 layout design, it's all ready for me to place my photos onto now & journal.
It didn't stop there.... we opted for another class at 4pm by Trisha called Trinkets and Treasures.... another great mini album! It's almost ready for me to add all my little trinkets, tickets, memorabilia and treasures that I collected on the cruise. and yes.... those are real flip flops on the cover!! It's full of hidden pockets, perfect for those shore excursion tickets!It was a full day of classes! Flat Jo and Fred were pooped by 6pm!Our group wasn't scheduled for the full crop night until Monday.... so we enjoyed dinner with Trisha and two new friends from Alberta, Jenn and Jodi! What a hoot!!

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Kathy said...

Would love to see your albums up close! They look great in your photos!