Friday, July 17, 2009

Lovin' the Summer

We're actually having summer.... yup, the city of Vancouver isn't wet with rain! It's actually nice, warm & sunny! I hope it hangs on for just a few more weeks, I don't mind the occasional day of rain to clear the air & cool things off but it's the bombardment of incessant endless rain, wind & cold I can't stand. Crossing my fingers that for once... it's nice for the PNE parade and exhibition! I can't remember the last time there was a sunny day for the parade. okay... 'nuff, I don't want to jinx anything.

Graham & Trish arrive this weekend from the UK for their 7 week holiday in Canada. Looking forward to seeing them again, they're staying with us for a few days, before venturing off to the island.
Then we have another set of visitors. Yup back to back, Graham & Trish leave and then our niece Erica & nephew Christopher will be in Vancouver for a visit with us. It's their first time to Vancouver on the plane, without their parents! woo hoo :) visiting with auntie Izzy and uncle Norbert from Thursday 'til Sunday. I'll be picking them up at YVR at noon on Thursday.... let the fun and games begin!I went out with my friend Helen on Wednesday night, she & Keith just returned from Maui (that was the "avoid the whole 50th birthday trip" she planned, but we got her anyway at the surprise party!) Helen managed to squeeze me in for dinner this week, she's off to Ireland to visit her family, then meeting up with Keith in Scotland. You think I'm a busy person... ha! Helen is just a busy as I am & she owns Celtic Creations at the Lonsdale Quay. Helen brought me a cute gift back from Maui, a tank top. She's not a scrapbooker, but she saw this and thought of me, "paper & scissors = scrapbooking" is her equation. this is the top.... LOL I love it! So after Maria has come to clean & save my life again.... I'm off today to spend time with my friends Jo and Diane in Lions Bay to scrapbook, I really need to get some personal projects finished. So we're at the Crop with a View from 10am to 10pm! Yippee for me :)

Happy Friday & Have a great weekend.


Sue said...

Bizzy Izzy as always...I think I am giving you a run for your money this month tho! LOL

Enjoy your visitors! Enjoy the sun..and think of me melting in the 100+ temps in Mexico while trying to look cool in my dress and not dripping sweat for the photos! Oyevey!

Sue C said...

LOL, absolutely love the tank top - too funny!!!

Have a great visit with everyone, I an understand why we have to set up a visit weeks in advance hahaha...

Jan said...

My oldest son has a tshirt with the rock is dead on it. It's his absolute favorite!

Enjoy all of your visitors!! One day I want to be one. :)

Jo said...

okay, that tank top is just way to cool!!! I am sooo glad we got some cropping in!

Kathy said...

LOL, love the tank top!